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It’s not hard to have a bamboo steamer as part of your home cooking item. They are inexpensive, easy for you to use, and are essential if you really want to make a quick meal at home.

Are you thinking that a bamboo steamer is not for you? That might be true now, because you have not seen it in action yet.

I have posted below a collection of the best bamboo steamers that can be very handy in your kitchen. See if one can help make your cooking easier.

A Bamboo steamer has been used for cooking food since ancient times, but only recently people have begun to include it in their kitchen.

The steamer has a very simple and practical design. The steamer is made from real bamboo. It’s easy to clean, and the steam can be used for a whole lot of cooking or tea making.

A bamboo steamer is more conventional and respected when it comes to steaming food.

It’s speedy, productive, and adaptable. You can steam nearly anything-from veggies to grains, fish and poultry, breads to dumplings.

A Bamboo Steamer is a kitchen power tool

Cooking food in a bamboo steamer may soon become your easiest way to cook food. Since it is a steam cooker, the food cooked in it will maintain all the freshness for good eating.

 If you love vegetables like I do, Then you going to enjoy how so many fresh vegetables can be cooked in this kind of steamer.

After all, vegetables are one of the easiest foods to cook with bamboo steamers because they only need to be steam cooked for a few minutes and no other process is required for their preparation like soaking or simmering them.

In addition to using the steamer in the kitchen, the food cooked by the steamer can also be stored inside food containers after being steamed, then placed inside your refrigerator or freezer to have for later meals.

This way you can keep your fruits and vegetables fresh for long-term use without having to worry about how much water or oil you will need for cooking them next time.

Steam prepared vegetables- "yes"

Boiling or simmering- "no"

Bamboo Steamer makes food taste better

Just imagine the spreading of the good smelling aroma coming from food being cooked in an bamboo steamer. Furthermore, not only will it smell good the steamer going to make it tastier and healthier.

Steamed food just has a better taste and smell to me, than that cooked by other cooking methods such as electric stoves or ovens. I really don’t like dealing with my food sticking when cooking and having to stand over to keep it from sticking.

This is a wild guess from me- I think you don’t like it either- It’s just my guess.One thing for sure using the steamer is taking care of my food sticking problem.

“It just might do the same for you make your meals taste great.

After making your food taste great, the bamboo steamer is easy to store away, so you don’t need to think about space for it.

Consider This When Purchasing A Bamboo Steamer

When looking for a bamboo steamer, the most compelling thing is to check the size, because a large steamer can prepare more extra food.

Factors when buying a bamboo steamer are:

– Size

– Toughness

– Appearance

– Price

– Warranty

– Quality

  • If you have extra levels to the steamer, more and more food you can cook at one time.
  • Metal rings around each section can extend the life of the steamer by supporting and maintaining the steamer shape.
  • Make sure the bamboo steamers are strong and will hold the foods you cook.
  • Choose a steamer with slats evenly spaced.
  • Know what size of steamer you need.
  • Look for a steamer basket made of 100% natural bamboo and BPA-free.
  • Look for a steamer with a dome-shaped handwoven lid that seals the moisture in for quick and effective cooking.

Bamboo Steamers in a variety of types & sizes

Take total advantages of the different types of bamboo steamer that will be a special addition to your kitchen.

One thing for sure every steamer listed below will be very beneficial for you. From the large to the small your cooking going to be perfect.

Large Bamboo Steamer

Town Large Bamboo Steamer This product is made of natural bamboo and has a wide steaming surface that is great for cooking large amounts of food.

The cooking basket is removable and easy to clean. It is the perfect size for cooking large batches of vegetables, seafood, and more.

Bamboo Steamer 22" with Handles

This bamboo steamer is a 22″ in diameter and is made of sturdy bamboo. It is perfect for steaming vegetables, meats, and seafood.

The bamboo steamer is easy and ready to be used, it’s great for steaming your evening meals and it will be perfect for the kitchen.

Bamboo Steamer 24" with Handles

The Town 24″ Bamboo Steamer with Handles is a cooking accessory that is both sustainable and stylish. This steamer is made from eco-friendly bamboo and can be used for a variety of purposes.

Whether you’re steaming veggies, cooking rice, or poaching eggs, this steamer will suit your needs. The bamboo is lightweight and durable, and the steamer includes two handles for easy handling.

Bamboo Steamer Set 12 inch

This steamer set includes one round, three rectangular, and one oval-shaped steamer. They are all made of bamboo, which is known for its durability and eco-friendliness.

The round steamer has a diameter of 12 inches and can be used for steaming buns, dumplings, and other dishes.

The rectangular steamer is 10 inches long and can be used for vegetables, noodles, and other items. The oval-shaped steamer is 9 inches long and can be used for sushi rolls, rice, and other items. All three are dishwasher safe.

2 Tier 10 inch Food Steamer

2 Tier Premium 10″ Bamboo Food Steamer is the perfect kitchen companion for any chef. It features two levels of bamboo steamers, with each level holding up to 10″ of food.

The top tier is perfect for vegetables, while the bottom tier is perfect for rice, fish, and other rice-based dishes.

It is also designed with vents to ensure that the steam doesn’t become too hot, which can cause your food to cook unevenly.

8-inch Steamer

This 8-inch bamboo steamer is made of 100% natural, eco-friendly bamboo. It is ideal for steaming food vegetables,rice,fish,and snacks.

The bamboo steamers are designed to fit on any pot or pan, including induction cooktops. These bamboo steamers are the perfect addition to any kitchen.

6 inch Food Steamer

This product is a food steamer made of bamboo. It is a beautiful and eco-friendly way to cook your food. It can steam your food just the way you want your food. Easy and safe to use.

It is perfect for anyone who wants to cook healthy and tasty food.

2 Tiers Rice cooker with Lid

This product is a two tier bamboo steamer that can be used to cook rice. It is made of high quality bamboo that is light and durable.

It is constructed with two tiers that allow for cooking more food at once. The bottom tier has a removable divider that can be used to steam different types of food separately.

It is great for making traditional Asian dishes like steamed rice, vegetables, or fish. It also has a lid that is able to be used as a serving dish.

better to use wok with steamer

The Wok is better!

As the bamboo steamer works in regular pots,it works way better in a wok, because woks are much larger than regular pots and can accommodate larger amounts of foods.

Also, wok lids are often more tighter fitting than regular pot lids, creating a dome space inside the wok so that more steam to circulate over food.

The good thing about bamboo steamers and woks is that due to the shape of the sides of the wok, any size steamer will work in wok, as long as the width is smaller than the wok.

The wok is the best tool you can use in combination with the bamboo steamer, because the wok is very thin, which makes it easy to boil water and control the water temperature, and has a wide line capable of accommodating bamboo steamers of many sizes.

Wok are dependable with bamboo steamer

The wok is a versatile kitchen tool. Also,the wok is perfect for cooking a variety of dishes and useful with an bamboo steamer to steam cook food items.

It can be used on a stovetop or over an open flame, and it has a non-stick surface for easy cooking and easy cleanup. The long handle allows for a safe and comfortable grip. Which make the perfect combination with the bamboo steamer.

Wok for bamboo steamer

The Carbon Steel Wok Pan with Wooden Handle with Lid is a versatile and durable pan for all of your cooking needs. Made from durable carbon steel, this pan is strong enough to withstand a great deal of wear and tear and is an excellent choice for cooking in a busy kitchen.

The wok features a wooden handle for a secure grip and a lid to seal in the flavor. It is an excellent choice for cooking healthy meals for your family and friends.

Other woks you might like for steamer

Steaming tips

Get steamer ready to Use

Wash your steamer thoroughly with soapy water, it will be good to put all its components in water for about 30 minutes. This helps to distribute the heat inside the cooker.

Your steamer will then fit snugly inside the edge of your wok or pot and will not be too wide — this delays the time cooking.

Be Safe Cooking

Never put your steamer on fire or heating source it will cause steamer to burn. When you in the cooking process, Keep the water in the pan at the rim of the steamer.

If water level get low, fill it with hot water to prevent heat change.

Handle your steamer carefully as it will get very hot. Use mitts to stay on the safe side. Because boiling water and hot steam can cause serious burns, so remove the steamer lid away from you.

Use Proper Method

If you cook easy sticky foods like dumplings and cakes. Add liner paper to your steamer to stop the sticking to steamer. Make sure the liner paper have holes to allow the steam to enter.

When cooking foods — such as meats anddifferent kinds of fish — Use a bowl that is deep enough to keep the juice from foods from getting wasted in boiling boiling water.

Also it helps with the cleaning effort later. A good glass dish holds food juices can be used. Steaming vegetables you can cook them without worrying about using a container or extra liner. Just steam and eat!

Cook Food Properly

You can cook foods together like meats and vegetables. Just place meats at bottom as it need more cooking time, vetables on top as it need less cooking time.

Foods that are similar you can just place in your steamer as the cooking time will be the same due to the food similarity.

Try to keep food in an equally placed so that it can be cooked evenly. Foods such as dumplings need to be about a centimeter apart, so that they do not stick together.

When cooking food like poultry, meats and seafoods check on every 2 or 3 minutes during cooking to keep you from overcooking your food.

When Finish Cooking

Immediately after steam cooking, rinse steamer using hot water and inspect any leftover food. Clean it with soft soap water.

You can use vinegar as a cleansing agent. When it is clean, let it air dry to keep mold and mildew from forming. After it is completely dry, the steamer is ready for more cooking.

Steam safely

Remember, if you steam cooking food, steam cooks your food too hot, and it can be dangerous. Be especially careful when opening the lid of any steamer, as hot exfoliation can burn your skin. And be careful when removing anything from the steamer.

The bottom line

Becoming good at cooking is a great challenge that cannot be developed in the blink of an eye; it requires a lot of practice and patience.

Using a bamboo steamer you can enjoy experimenting cooking different foods. Furthermore, making you a much better cook, Start preparing delicious meals for friends, family and yourself.

Challenge your cooking more in the kitchen. Start to cook better food.

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