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Chicken is eaten as meals in families dinner all round the world. It’s an incredible and important source of animal protein, in addition to a terrific source of B nutrients, iron, potassium, and selenium.

According to the National Chicken Council, nearly 10 billion kilos of chicken have been bred and raised to serve for meat manufacturing inside the United States, in 2020 the count has gotten even higher.

Chicken meat is pretty flexible, and you can put together it in many ways. However, in relation to its health blessings, all cooking methods for chicken aren’t created equal.

For instance, dry cooking chicken at high temperatures or longer cooking periods, may also lead to the production of harmful chemical substances.

On the alternative hand, cooking methods that don’t brown the beef or produce smoke have a tendency to be higher for you. Most of those use water in some way or another.

For a long time, wellbeing specialists guaranteed that steaming is a far better choice when contrasted with a few ordinary strategies that we use to cook. This discussion has been a fury since a long while.

Steaming deals with an overall rule of consistently boiling water, which radiates steam and cooks the chicken.

There are two strategies for steaming: Low strain and High tension

In low tension steaming, food might be cooked by immediate or backhanded contact with the steam. Direct – food is set in a liner or in a skillet of boiling water, and circuitous – food is put in the middle of two plates over a container of boiling water.

High-pressure steaming is acted in a reason fabricated hardware, which doesn’t permit the steam to escape, subsequently lessening the cooking time.

Medical advantages from steamed chicken

Cooking with steam is both sound and flexible. Here’s a little advantage:

1. Holds THE NUTRITIONAL VALUE OF FOOD: Cooking with steam helps in saving the fiber, shading, surface and kind of vegetables. It likewise helps in safeguarding the water solvent B and C nutrients, potassium, phosphorus and zinc with the goal that one can acquire the significant supplements from bubbled vegetables. Steaming supports 90% of the cancer prevention agents present in new vegetables.

2. Doesn’t REQUIRE OIL: Steam cooking doesn’t need oil and along these lines, we get a generally quality dinner.

3. Holds CANCER-FIGHTING COMPOUNDS: Many vegetables, including broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage, have malignant growth parts called the Glucosinolates which are annihilated when over-cooked. By steaming them at a low temperature with a minute measure of water, their marvelous mixtures are held.

4. Brings down CHOLESTEROL: While cooking meats like chicken and fish, the steam eliminates all the fat from the meat. While traditional cooking strategies like barbecuing, baking or searing cook the fat into the meat. Disposing of the fat makes the meat lower in calories and lower in cholesterol.


  • Holds important supplements, nutrients and minerals in food
  • Keeps up with food dampness and newness
  • Relax food filaments, making it delicate and effectively absorbable
  • Doesn’t need cooking oil or fat, making it light and sound
  • Prepares food quicker and solid, The fresher the food, the quicker it cooks
  • Is material to a wide range of food – poultry, fish, vegetables, organic products, sweets and so forth
  • Keeps the lively tones and regular kinds of food
  • Cooks over a solitary hotness source by stacking plate, which is conservative and saves time
  • Keeps your kitchen clean – no oil, no smoke, no wreck – tidying up is simple

Benefits of Steam Cooking

  1. Cooking with steam is both solid and flexible
  2. Steam cooking holds the healthy benefit of food
  3. Steaming maintains 90% of cancer prevention agents in food
  4. Pressure-cooking annihilates half of cancer prevention agents
  5. Boiling annihilates 67% of cancer prevention agents and Micro-waving obliterates 97% of cell reinforcements
  6. Steam cooking is awesome at saving the water dissolvable B and C nutrients
  7. Steaming secure cell engineering of cells
  8. Food varieties hold their surface and shape well
  9. Steaming confers a sensitive flavor to the food
  10. Steaming organic products makes it simpler to juice them
  11. Steaming is energy saving Cold food can be warmed by utilizing steam without influencing the food quality

Direct Steaming Your Chicken

In this technique, the food comes in direct contact with the steam. Direct steaming should be possible in a common liner or in a Bamboo steamer. Uses water in a compartment and allow it to boil to create steam.

The food to be cooked is kept in a steam container over this utensil, and it is covered firmly with a top. This cause the steam ascending from the water beneath ascends and comes in direct contact with the food kept in the container, consequently cooking it.

The water in the holder is kept up with at boiling temperature all through the most common way of steaming.

Steps to steam chicken at home

Cut the chicken into more modest pieces to lessen cooking time and guarantee the meat is uniformly cooked. You may likewise make cuts all through a bigger part of chicken for a similar impact.

For added flavor, before steaming, marinate the chicken for more flavoring. Furthermore, you probably want to throw some spices in the steam water to kick it up a notch while cooking.

Put chicken in a steam basket over the pot of boiling water and make sure that steam is getting through the openings in the liner bin.

Cover the container with a tight top and cook the chicken for 15–20 minutes. Actually take a look at the chicken for cook through prior to taking it away from the steam.

Cooking techniques that aren't really solid

A few kinds of cooking strategies might deliver cancer-causing agents in meat. Strategies to think about include:

  • grilling the meat
  • barbecuing cooking over an open fire
  • deep-frying meat
  • roasting meat
  • smoking the meat

Steaming Frozen Chicken

Chicken can be steamed from frozen, however rely on at minimum two times the cooking time concerning defrosted meat. As another option, defrost the chicken first in the microwave, organized in a solitary layer on a dish covered with cling wrap, with about a quarter cup of water added.

Since microwaves vary an option for them, utilize each model’s own thaw out setting dependent on the heaviness of the chicken. The microwave thaws out on a low ability to try not to cook the meat.

In the event that there is no thaw out setting, work in two-minute meetings at the microwave’s low setting, actually taking a look at the advancement after each impact. Let the chicken set at the minimal of ten minutes for chicken with bone, and five minutes for boneless. Defrosted chicken ought to be steamed straightaway.

The bottom line

Chicken is a significant and nutritious wellspring of protein and fundamental minerals like iron and potassium.

But, a considerable lot of the normal cooking strategies individuals use to cook it might cause more damage than good. Certain cooking techniques, including grilling, barbecuing, and braising, may expand the creation of mixtures related with the advancement of malignant growth, coronary illness, and type 2 diabetes.

More secure, better cooking techniques for chicken by a wide margin will be steaming. Get what you really need to steam cook better food. 

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