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The Bamboo Steamer will effortlessly cook delicious shrimp dishes without any cooking oils. Assuming you seriously love shrimp, you have a lot of others right along with you on that. They can be so mouth-watering when prepared right.

Next time you’re craving for some shrimps for dinner especially the colossal ones imagine steamed perfect in a bamboo steamer.

It’s known that the normal American eats around 4 pounds of the shrimps consistently. That is more than eating some other seafoods very interesting is that shocking to you.

Below, we will go through everything you need to know about steaming shrimp, including how the Bamboo steamer is the cookware needed in the kitchen.

You’ll know how you can get the best tasting results, set up your steaming fluid and steam your shrimp flawlessly.

Fortunately, there are numerous choices you can use to steam shrimp and other shellfish.

What you need in your steamer arrangement is to keep the food raised from the brewing water beneath. You need to let your shrimp cook in the steam and not in the hot water.

Furthermore, shrimp frequently becomes very chewy when they are boiled.

Truth be told, all proteins, not just shrimp, will quite often turn extreme jerky-like when they’re exposed to the brutality of boiled water.

Furthermore, in the event that the boiled water isn’t very much salted, the protein being referred to will wind up flavorless and intense.

I had a routine of stewing my shrimp. Then, I decided to try steaming them. The outcome was great.

Steamed shrimp is a lot more tender than the boiled shrimp. Concerning the flavor, I stepped it up by ensuring the water was vigorously salted.

Steamed shrimp is way better than boiled shrimp. Steaming the shrimp cooks them completely in a short time, according to size of the shrimp.

Why Use The Bamboo Steamer

The Bamboo Steamer will keep the shrimp natural flavor and hold in all nutrients, making it a must-have cooking item for your kitchen. This steamer will function great with woks, browning skillet, stock pots and frying pans.

Steaming is by a wide margin the most ideal way to keep a sound eating routine and a good way of life.

At the point when you steam food, it holds more minerals, vitamins and catalysts than some other type of cooking. Steaming relax the fibers of the food, permitting you to effortlessly retain and process the nutrients.

Cook and warm your food varieties normally while maintaining the nutrients utilizing the Bamboo Steamer.

Also, It’s 100% all-natural bamboo, this steamer is great for cooking vegetables, meat, fish, poultry, and then some! It’s additionally incredible for warming up meat, veggies, pasta, rice, and quinoa among different food varieties.

The food will remain naturally fresh and with flavor goodness. No oil is required.

Whether you are wanting to keep an excitement lifestyle or shed pounds, using a Bamboo steamer will make you feel remarkable.

How to Steam Shrimp With Bamboo Steamer

  • Add your steaming water to the pot. With any other herbs and spice seasoning that you like.
  • Place your steamer embed in the pot. Ensure there are two inches between the lower part of your steamer and the highest point of the fluid. Assuming there is an excessive amount of water, simply take the steamer out and remove a portion of the water until you have it at the right level.
  • Cover the pot and heat the water to the point of boiling over high hotness. Having your steamer inside your pot at this stage will preheat it and help your shrimp cook somewhat quicker.
  • Turn down the heat from high to medium and add shrimp. You need the water to be at a moderate brew point. Take the cover off the pot, add your prepped shrimp, and put back the cover top.
  • Steam the shrimp until they come to a curl and become a shade of pink. Steam for 4 to 6 minutes, that’s for 1 to 2 pounds of shrimp. Promptly take out the steamer from the pot. At that time the shrimp ought to have changed their color and firm to the touch yet give a bit.
  • For cold shrimp, put into a big bowl with ice water. Whenever they are cooled, you can store them in the fridge until you are prepared to serve them. They can save this way for about a day.

Add extra touch to Shrimp Steaming water

In regard to shrimp, there are so many people who think boiling shrimp is the easy way to cook their shrimp with a little salt, Bam it’s done.

Sorry folks, you got to start being more creative, that little critter deserve it. Shrimps can absorb so many flavors other than table salt.

Furthermore, forget about boiling the little critter right now. Steaming those critters, you’ll be able to add a lot or as little flavoring to them as you desire.

Assuming you are going to add additional flavor to them, Always remember that your steaming water is going to be the key method to your amazing cooked shrimps.

Along with the right steaming cookware, steam will bestow the remarkable flavor to your shrimp. A simple method to make your shrimps to taste magnificent.

Wait on it! Use tap water to start your steaming process. Now add a little lemon you know lemons is conventional, and it will allow you to zero in on the sweet and freshness of the shrimp.

Also, if you want to kick it up a notch, substitute your water with any broth you like, the wonderful aroma coming from steaming broth.

“Um, um, um”, you can use stock, wine, lager, organic product juices or some other drinks you like. There are no restrictions to how you can try different things with steaming shrimp.

I know you have some herbs in the kitchen, that you haven’t broken the seal. Break the seal and put some in your steaming water.

Consider vegetables that add a great deal of fragrance, similar to onions, celery and carrots. Garlic and ginger are likewise extraordinary augmentations that bestow a great deal of flavor.

Try not to be hesitant to experiment. While adding and trying different things when steaming your shrimps, take notes, so you will remember what you did.

Season the Shrimp

This present time is a decent opportunity to add any additional flavors straightforwardly to your shrimp to jazz them up a little.

Putting all your shrimp in some cayenne pepper or dark pepper is dependably a decent choice for the individuals who like somewhat of a kick to their shrimp.

You may likewise cover them in a little citrus zing, curry powder or spices. You can add fluid flavors to shrimp, as well. A sprinkle of vermouth or sherry add a decent note that praises shrimp’s normal pleasantness.

Assuming you are adding broth flavors to your shrimp, you will need to steam them in a bowl with the goal that your flavoring doesn’t fall through the area around the steam liner.

Also, It’s actually more conveniently to have for cooking meals than many other cookwares we use for cooking. After using, cleaning is so easy and don’t take up much space. By using a bowl, you’ll likewise wind up with a very tasty sauce for your shrimp.

Also, It’s actually more conveniently to have for cooking meals than many other cookwares we use for cooking. After using, cleaning is so easy and don’t take up much space.

Is it possible to steam frozen shrimp?

In the pot, place the steamer basket. In the steamer basket, place the shrimp. Then place lid or cover and steam for 5 minutes top, colossal will take few minutes more. Serve with additional seasonings as desired.

When it comes to shrimp, how can you determine when they're done?

This is how it works:
Keep an eye on the fissure where the vein was severed at the rear of the shrimp. Keep your eyes set on the thick part of the shrimp, and the shrimp will be done when the flesh at the base of that crevice turns opaque. It’s fully cooked.

How do you keep shrimp from overcooking?

The secret is to take them out of the oven when the flesh is consistently pink.

It should be no grayish-brown patches on them. Overcooked shrimp curl into a tight “C” form, but well cooked shrimp curl into a loose “C.”

Shrimp do cook in a matter of minutes. That’s why they’re one of our go-to proteins for quick weeknight meals, and they’re perfect for the grill’s high heat. Before you can even set the table, grab some shrimp and supper is ready. However, this is one of the reasons why shrimp are frequently overdone.

They cook so quickly—in two to three minutes on average—that they can decrease in tenderness and become rubbery before you realize it. Remove them as soon as the flesh is consistently pink and free of grayish-brown patches.

Overcooked shrimp curl into a tight “C” form, but well cooked shrimp curl into a loose “C.”
Toughness is indicated by tightly curled shrimp.

What happens if shrimp are overcooked?

Shrimp become glossy dark gray when overdone. If your shrimp are curled into a nice C shape, that’s another easy way to tell if they’re done. Shrimp that have been overcooked are curled tightly into an O shape.

Is it better to season shrimp before or after steaming?

If at all possible, make sure the water does not touch the bottom of the steamer basket, even when it is boiling. Over high heat, bring water to a boil. Place the shrimp in the steamer basket while the water is rising to a boil.

Toss in a Little Sea Salt Seasoning, making sure it’s evenly coated.

To create Shrimp Cocktail Sauce, you'll need the following ingredients.

For A great and simple shrimp cocktail sauce, just three ingredients are required.

  • Ketchup.
    Make use of your preferred brand.
  • The juice of a lemon
    The best lemon juice is freshly squeezed, but bottled lemon juice will be alright.
  • Horseradish that has been prepared for use.
    Most people like it that way because it has a deeper, unique taste that is essential for fantastic cocktail creations.

In three simple steps, you can make a shrimp cocktail

  • Combine the ingredients in a bowl.
    In a mixing bowl, combine the ketchup, lemon juice, and seasoned horseradish.
  • Satisfied Taste.
    Adapt to your personal preferences, toss in more horseradish if you want it spicier and more ketchup if you want it smooth.
  • Put in fridge.
    The sauce can be prepared and stored in the refrigerator for many days. It tastes best after it has been refrigerated for at least an hour to allow the flavors to merge. With shrimp, serve chilled.


Seafood has turn out to be seen as healthful and beneficial for the body. However, maximum clean seafood can be costly and requires ability to prepare. Not with shrimp- it is cheap and clean, easy to prepare for dinner.

Additionally, at the same time as many people want to enjoy eating seafood, they don’t like how it smells. Shrimp will not give you that reason not to like.

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